After suffering from severe postnatal depression, I want to share the cure that got me back to living again; running. After my twins were born, all I wanted to do was burrow under my duvet. But my friends and relatives encouraged me to tackle running again.  I ventured outside and started off walking down my road before needing to run home and hide again, but as time passed I progressed to a jog and then a run.  The other thing that helped me escape from depression is the natural supplement 5htp. Learn more about its benefits.

The only time I was able to leave the house was when needed to run, as I knew that I wouldn’t need to interact with anyone. I can honestly say my recovery was all down to running and 5-htp supplement – it made me feel like a human being again. Sam Hastings


The memory-jogging picture of the New Forest 10 in the 195os. Cross-country running was a great feature in the sporting calendar. The photograph ‘Cloud nine’ captured exactly what I carry in my mind’s eye of those days. I am now 71 and still run several times a week. I’m sure there are countless runners for whom it all began with school cross countries. Thanks for the memory! Michael Whawell, Peterborough


I am running my first half-marathon soon. I can run ‘without glasses, but I can’t see much of what s going on! Would you recommend getting disposable contact lenses only for the races? You can probably get a free trial – try them the week before the race.

I switched to contact lenses from glasses for running – it definitely makes a difference in the rain. Go for it, they’re relatively cheap these days. Old specs, elastic round the back and a cap if it rains.

I’ve tried contacts and never got on with them, just make sure your glasses have silicone nose pads and they won’t move much. If you’re worried about steaming up, try washing-up liquid to coat the lenses.

I couldn’t imagine wearing glasses when exercising. Maybe try out some disposables and if you get on with them use them for training as well.